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Trilith is an independent registered charity founded in 1984. Its aim is to use the media - video/television, film and radio - for the benefit of the community, especially in rural areas. One of its main concerns is the effect of current changes on country life.

Trilith also works specifically with older and younger people, people with disabilities and other groups with special needs.

Trilith is a development organisation. It creates experimental projects to advance community involvement in the media.

Trilith is run by people with a wide range of experience in, for example, rural concerns, broadcasting, journalism, community work, economic development and the arts.

Trilith has to raise all money needed for its work by the efforts of its own trustees and staff. It welcomes partnership with other organisations to pursue shared aims.

Young People's Radio Project

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Video training to help local people express themselves

Trevor Bailey Telephone: (01747) 840750

Corner Cottage, Brickyard Lane, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5PJ

John Holman Telephone: (01747) 840727

Mayor's Barton, Church Hill, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5BS

Email Trilith: info@trilith.org.uk

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